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  • What's the difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat? The main components of TPE foam mats are TPE, EVA and artificial rubber. The production cost is relatively high, the production process is relatively high, and the entry threshold of the industry is high. Product quality is good, elastic foot, soft and antiskid effect is high. It does not contain plastic and is easy to decompose. It is a promising product at present, and it is loved by environmental protectors. TPE mats are currently 10 mm thick. PVC foam mats are widely used, with low price, various colors, low production cost,


  • How to clean and maintain yoga mat? The carefully bought yoga mat will be your good friend for practicing yoga from now on. Treat good friends with care. If you buy back the yoga mat, you often use it but never maintain it. The dust and sweat accumulated on the surface of the yoga mat will eventually harm the owner's health, so it is necessary to clean the yoga mat frequently.


  • Yoga mat is not the thicker the better, beginners 6-8cm can, too thick is not easy to stand stable, size according to the shape of choice. Yoga mat can't be washed with washing liquid or washing powder. It can be brushed with soap and soft brush. It can be dried in the shade and can't