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    10 years since the establishment of the company

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    Plant area 8000 square meters

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    Monthly output 200.00 tons

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    More than 100 excellent employees

Cixi tianxiaxing rubber products co., ltd. was founded in 2010 and is located in cixi, Zhejiang province, on the south bank of Hangzhou bay bridge, an important industrial city in China. it is in a geographical environment corresponding to Shanghai. The company is a foaming and processing integrated manufacturing enterprise. The company's products are widely used in many industries, the main products are mouse pads, game pads, coasters, bar (bar) pads, car skid pads, yoga pads, gambling table pads, flocking mat and other products.



The difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat5-28-2020

What's the difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat? The main components of TPE foam mats are TPE, EVA and artificial rubber. The production cost is relatively high, the production process is relatively high, and the entry threshold of the industry is high. Product quality is good, elastic foot, soft and antiskid effect is high. It does not contain plastic and is easy to decompose. It is a promising product at present, and it is loved by environmental protectors. TPE mats are currently 10 mm thick. PVC foam mats are widely used, with low price, various colors, low production cost,