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The difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat

2020/5/28 15:47:06

What's the difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat? The main components of TPE foam mats are TPE, EVA and artificial rubber. The production cost is relatively high, the production process is relatively high, and the entry threshold of the industry is high. Product quality is good, elastic foot, soft and antiskid effect is high. It does not contain plastic and is easy to decompose. It is a promising product at present, and it is loved by environmental protectors. TPE mats are currently 10 mm thick. PVC foam mats are widely used, with low price, various colors, low production cost, simple technology, and easy to make signs according to customers' requirements, which are deeply loved by the public. Its disadvantage is that plastic products are not easy to decompose naturally and pollute the earth.

The difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat is as follows: TPE's mat takes longer than PVC's, which is four or five times longer than PVC's. According to cost performance, PVC cushion is more economical.

The difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat is two: TPE mat has better antiskid and elasticity. We can't worry about its antiskid and elasticity when we buy TPE mat. Because the cushion made of this material is incomparable with PVC in its skid resistance, elasticity and workmanship, even if it sweats, it can also prevent skid.

There are three differences between TPE yoga mat and PVC Yoga Mat: the smell of new TPE mat can be dissipated, while the smell of PVC mat with poor quality can not be dissipated. Is there no smell in TPE mat? The new TPE mat will also have a little smell of raw materials (unless the seller opens the mat in advance to disperse the smell). But don't worry, it's not as smelly as a poor quality mat. We buy back the new mat, open the mat and put it in a cool and airy place for a day or two to dissipate the smell. (here we need to pay attention to: ten thousand can't be put in the sun!) If it's a mat of poor quality, the smell will not go away for many days.

The difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat is four: TPE mat is made of TPE material. In the production process, there is a high demand for production technology and raw materials, so the price is more expensive than PVC. At present, there are few factories that can produce TPE mat in China, most of which are imported from Taiwan. And PVC cushions of all kinds, the price from a dozen to dozens of pieces have. TPE is more than 100 yuan or even hundreds of yuan. But better quality PVC mats will never be bought for just 20 or 30 yuan.