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How thick is the yoga mat?

2020/5/28 15:35:51

Yoga mat is not the thicker the better, beginners 6-8cm can, too thick is not easy to stand stable, size according to the shape of choice. Yoga mat can't be washed with washing liquid or washing powder. It can be brushed with soap and soft brush. It can be dried in the shade and can't be put in the sun. According to whether the yoga mat is dirty to determine the number of times to clean, practice more, a week to clean 1-2 times. As for the thickness of yoga mat, a basic suggestion is that beginners can use a thicker one, such as a 6mm thick yoga mat, in order to prevent sports injury. After a certain foundation and experience, you can use 3.5mm-5mm thick yoga mat instead. Of course, if you are very afraid of "pain", you can always choose a relatively thick yoga mat. Practice yoga, buy yoga mat for TPE material, do not buy PVC foam material. TPE pad has the advantages of light weight, easy to carry, good anti-skid effect in dry and wet state, no smell in case of high material purity, and the price is about more than 100 yuan. Most of the PVC foam mats are cheaper, some tens of dollars, but there are some flavors, in case of water and sweat, the skid resistance of materials is not so good, and the springback is slower.